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Bohler N690

Shoemaker's utility knife

The knife will make quick work of all your skiving, sole shaping, general cutting needs. Knives come razor sharp ready to use. 

German stainless steel Bohler N690, 60-61HRC.

Total length - 250mm, blade edge - 100mm

Width - 30mm

Thickness - 2.5mm

Sharpening angle - 20.

Finish: The surface of the knife is sanded and then machine-satined. The blade is polished to a mirror finish.

Most knives have a straight edge. This knife is concave, lens-like. This makes it easier for the shoemaker to finish sharpening the blade.
It can be used as a skiving knife. The knife is thinner at the end, flexible, which allows you to make a smooth concave cut, such as a skiving machine for assembling shoe uppers. Some places are inaccessible for a skiving machine, and such a knife can be very useful.


Concave polished blade


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