Tool handles.

Here you can see the types of handles of the "starko" tool, and the materials of which they are made. When you open the tool page, by default you will be offered the type of handle that is most popular and convenient for the tool. You can select a different handle type from the drop-down list, if possible for that tool.

альтернативный текст This type of handle is the most versatile, it is recommended for irons and marking tools. It fits both large and medium palms. The handle protrusion prevents the hand from slipping and protects against hot tools.
альтернативный текст This type of handle is also suitable for the same tools as the PC-A. This handle is more massive, highly recommended for heavy ironing tools.
альтернативный текст This handle is convenient for working with wheels, welt knives and some other tools. Since it has no edge to support and protect the palm, it is not recommended for irons.
альтернативный текст This type of handle is also versatile and can be used in most tools.
альтернативный текст Such a handle is the only option for a slide box wheel, it is also convenient for ironing tools. The thickness of the handle is 27mm for box wheel and 25mm for ironing tools. Tools with this handle will not roll off the table.
альтернативный текст This is a variant of the ST-A handle. It has a protective metal bolster that extends the life of the tool by protecting the wood from overheating.
альтернативный текст The standard shape of the awl handle is for sewing the welt to the sole. It can also be used to pierce the insole in the "Goodyear welt construction" .
альтернативный текст Oval handle with bolster for knives and some other tools.
альтернативный текст The best ratio of reliability and price. Beech is a fairly hard wood (590 kg / cm). Probably most of the handles in the world are made of beech wood. In stock.
альтернативный текст Painted handles. The handles are made of beech wood and painted by hand with acrylic paint in 5-10 layers. The paint is certified and recommended, for example, for children's toys. Several colors are available..
альтернативный текст American walnut wood is slightly harder and has a beautiful texture and rich color. Hardness - 660kg / cm. In stock.
альтернативный текст African paduk has a high decorative value, and is hardwood (750 kg / cm). In stock.
альтернативный текст Gabon ebony is a very hard material (~ 1000kg / cm), difficult to process, looks great after finishing and polishing. The wood is rare and expensive, it is not available, it is brought under the order. Handles made of such material are made only by special order, advance payment. The manufacturing time for tools with such handles is longer.
альтернативный текст The handles are equipped with a protective ring, which can be made of brass or stainless steel (options - Brass / Nickel)..
альтернативный текст For convenient storage of the tools, you can purchase hanging rings. They are in the Improvements group, add the required quantity to the order. These rings will be installed in the handles. You can also purchase them for self-installation into the tools you already have. If the number of hanging rings in the order differs from the number of ordered tools, please write in the note in which handles they need to be installed. Hanging rings are also available in two materials - brass and stainless steel. For handles made of valuable species (walnut, paduk), these rings are already included in the set, you do not need to order them additionally.
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