You make an order, as in any store (created)

I will write you the completion date (confirmed)

When I finish work you can pay (completed)

Then the package will be sent to you (shipped)

For more information, please write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are having difficulty ordering at the store, let me know. In this case, just write me a list of tools (EI-A 10mm, WI-S 6mm ......) in the mail. As well as your full address and telephone number in English.

See Production line to find out when your order can be completed.

Please check the customs limits for your country! By place an order, you agree to the payment of duties.


Status list.
After placing your order, you will receive the following e-mails:
1. Created.
Wait until I process the order. It can take up to 1 day, as we may have different time zones, and I need time because I work alone.
2. Confirmed.
I reviewed the order, adjusted the data if necessary and set the "order completion date". This is indicated in red at the bottom of the letter. They will pay attention to this because there is a queue.
3. In production.
I started making tools for you.
4. Completed.
The work is almost completed. You will receive in the letter a photo of your tools and payment details.
5. Paid.
I am preparing the parcel for shipment. From the moment of payment it is 1-2 days.
6. Shipped.
I handed over the parcel for sending. The message will indicate the track number. Note that it may take a few days or even a week to start tracking. At this time, the parcel is already coming to you.
7. Arrival.
The parcel is already being tracked in your country. Check the status from time to time, depending on the country and customs regulations, you may need some action to clear customs.
8. Ended.
This is the last letter of thanks for the order.

Other statuses:

Delayed - I have to postpone the completion date. Pay attention to the new date. It is usually 1-3 days, no more.

Changed - In agreement with the customer, changes were made to the order.

Canceled - Order canceled. This can be with the customer's consent or automatically if the finished order has not been paid for within three weeks.


All parcels are insured.

Sometimes you may not receive all the messages.