Loyalty program

You get free shipping (standard) for orders of $ 150 and up* (weighing no more than 0.4kg)

You get free shipping (UPS courier) for orders of $ 350 and up (weighing no more than 1.3kg)

 If the weight exceeds the free shipping limit, the shipping cost will be recalculated after the order is placed and you will only pay the difference in weight. This primarily concerns the countries of Asia, South America and the islands.


If you place an order for the second time, you will receive a discount according to the formula:

(total value of all previous orders + value of the current order) / 100   (%)


This value is the discount percentage for your current order. But no more than 10%.


For example, you order tools for $ 350, previously you made one order for $ 80.
(350 + 80) / 100 = 4.3%

Checkout $ 334.95


Also keep in mind that for me as a corporate customer, UPS shipping costs are low.

If you are my regular customer and the order amount is less than $ 300, I additionally give a discount on UPS at my own expense, since it is also important for me that you get the goods faster and that it is a reliable delivery.

*List of products not covered by free shipping(heavy weight or dimensions): LIST

Loyalty brand-2022.

Buyers who have expressed confidence in the brand and have been actively shopping for the past two years will receive an additional discount on orders in 2022. This discount is immediately expressed in the price you see on the starko website. All other discounts that were before and free shipping remain in effect and are in addition to the price you see (for registered users).

This is true for buyers who made purchases for 2020-2021 in the amount of:
$ 300 - price for you on the site with a 3% discount
$ 1000 - the price for you on the site with a 5% discount

This special price is valid until January 1, 2023.

The special price is valid for the following groups of tools:

  • Iron tools
  • Detailing tools
  • Wheels
  • Sewing
  • Sets

If you have made purchases over $ 300 on the site, but do not see the price change after entering the site, write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All orders in two years were processed manually and I could be wrong.


For Russian-speaking buyers

Для покупателей, которые совершали покупки в рублях, полностью или частично, и общая сумма в 2020-2021 годах в долларах составила более 300 долларов, спеццена вступит в силу с первого заказа в 2022 году, обязательно напишите мне об этом в заказе или по почте если вы не видите различия в ценах после того как войдете на сайт под своим логином.