Skiving knife SK-J

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Wood handle
Blade length

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Bohler N690

Skiving knife Japanese style

This knife is handmade from high quality Böhler N690 steel 60HRC.The blade has a special concave shape for easy sharpening. Knife comes carefully hand sharpened to a high reflective polish that is razor sharp and ready to use. The handle has a metal bolster for a long tool life.

The knife comes razor sharp and makes for extremely effortless skiving and cutting. The traditional Japanese skiving knifes are very versatile tools used not only to skive but to cut leather patterns, cut square ends and to make fine delicate cuts.

Blade width - 40mm.

Blade thickness - 4mm.

Blade lenght - normal (60mm) or short (40mm)

For knife with beech wood handles, the bolster material is 4mm stainless steel. For the other (walnut, paduk, etc.) - brass 5mm.



Padauk wood, right direction, normal blade. 


Walnut handle, right direction, normal blade.


Beech handle, right direction, normal blade.


Walnut handle, right direction, short blade.

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