Seam detailer SP-A

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Handle type
Wood handle

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Stainless steel

This tool separates the stitches and makes grooves, like SD-Z and SD-L. But the edge of the sole remains smooth, without grooves. The tool for better penetration should be heated. Control the heating temperature on a piece of letaher so as not to spoil your work.

"Length" - the length of the working part.


Recommendations for use:

Wax-free modeling
~ Wheel marking
~ Sewing
- SP-V (low pressure)
- SP-V (high pressure)
- SP-A (medium pressure)

Finishing with wax
- SP-V (low pressure)
- SP-A (low pressure)

These are recommendations for working with a welt made of soft vegetable-tanned leather. Tools are used heated.

If you have hard leather, you may need to first moisturize your leather, but the humidity should not be high.

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