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Loyalty program

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You get free shipping (standard) for orders of $ 75 and up.

You get free shipping (UPS courier) for orders of $ 300 and up.


If you place an order for the second time, you will receive a discount according to the formula:

(total value of all previous orders + value of the current order) / 100   (%)


This value is the discount percentage for your current order. But no more than 10%.


For example, you order tools for $ 350, previously you made one order for $ 80.
(350 + 80) / 100 = 4.3%

Checkout $ 334.95


Also keep in mind that for me as a corporate customer, UPS shipping costs are low.

If you are my regular customer and the order amount is less than $ 300, I additionally give a discount on UPS at my own expense, since it is also important for me that you get the goods faster and that it is a reliable delivery.


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